Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tayra Ryan and Kendra Wilkinson sextape from Justin Frye.Kendra Wilkinson lesbian sextape Video from Vivid

Tape Tayra Ryan and Kendra Wilkinson allegedly together recorded Justin Frye, is the latest scandal to strike the reality star. Taryn Ryan and Kendra Wilkinson allegedly appears on a video together, shot by Justin Fry, the film is currently being bought for domestic release.


In May 2010, news hit that Justin Fry and Kendra Wilkinson allegedly posted on the scandal tapes must be released. Now Fry reportedly tied to the latest in this time of the alleged tape to strike the wife of Hank Baskett.

Star magazine claimed last year that Kendra knew Justin when she graduated from high school in 2003. The two reportedly shared apartment for the next year in which they become obsolete. By 2004, the couple broke up, and Kendra was dating the next Hugh Hefner and living in the Playboy Mansion.

Today, the same claims that the site of alleged tape features Taryn Ryan and covers 45 minutes. Wilkinson reported to have made significant money from the issue in 2010, tape.

In May 2010, news of a possible second tape claimed the existing name "Taryn tape." Report argues that the second tape, one alleged between Kendra and a woman named Taryn, will be released shortly. The report argues that the distributor of the first tape, "was reportedly also in possession of ... the tape. ... This may provide further blow to the advertised Kendra Exposed video, which it plans to release May 28-2010.