Sunday, July 13, 2008

Does she really have sex with Hef?

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I have real doubts that he sleeps with Kendra or Bridgette. Keep in mind that the man has a image to maintain... it's the image that made the magazine what it is. The idea of this 81 year old guy still being a swinger is like legend (built on something somewhat true and then takes on a life of it's own)and the show only helps that too. In reality, I think that he is like any other senior guy, viagra or not. These girls make him look great in public and I am sure they have a great realtionship (he seems to doat on them and they provide him with companionship), but I highly doubt it is sexual no matter what anyone says.I think he wants us to believe he is having sex with all of them, but I really doubt it, like someone said hes just keeping up the image, those girls are just companionship for him, I do however feel he does have a sexual relationship with Holly.. as she never stops going on about wanting to have his children.Yes, all three girls have sex with Hef. In fact, they have a scheduled "sex night" once a week where not only are the main three girls there, but Hef invites other girls to join in. That's how Bridgette got started - she came on "sex night" and after a while Hef asked her to move in, and she's married.

I like the show and all, but all these girls have low-self esteems to stay with Hef. He PAYS them to be his girlfriend, and yeah, they have a cush life, but nothing is forever and they are wasting away their 20's by being skanks and hos. They have sex with each other AND with other men. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Holly is the worst of them all. she thinks she is perfect for Hef. What a sad state of mind she is in. I have the same views as you do about it. That is gross. I'm not fooled Or impressed by their their glamorous lifestyle they want everyone to see. I'd rather live on scraps than live the way they do. It's gross.

I also dislike Holly most of all. She is so painfully fake. I'm not even talking about her face and boobs. I'm talking about her personality. She is trying to take over Playboy. I know a con when I see one and she is a golddigging con woman. On their show she is always thinking of ways to convince Hef to marry her and start a family. It's all part of her master plan to always have a claim to his fortune.

TOTALLY AGREE! 100%!! Holly acts like she's the first lady of Playboy or something. She's not special or unique in Hef's life and she's not going to inherit the estate when Hef dies. He has four children that come before her (and maybe more that we don't know about). She's delusional.