Sunday, July 13, 2008

She got breast implants?

I never believed it because I thought for some reason that she was just to young when she met Hef to have gotten a boob job, but I read on that she got her boobs done at age 18! I was looking her up on wiki and it said "natural bust- no" and I thought it might be vandalism, but that's actually true. Did anyone else always think they were natural? I thought they had to be.I thought the same thing to, briefly.

But then I saw an episode of her doing a photoshoot
and they just appeared to have a 'fake-looking shape', having the sillicon line at the top.she even said that her boobs were her invesment.
hahaha so her boobies are fake assss haha that's what i thought, the second i saw her boobs on the show i knew they were fake. no one has natural boobs that look like that, rarely or ever.